1. Home By 9


Verse 1:
We used to go out around midnight
Wouldn’t get home until dawn
There’d be dancing and drink, a nudge and a wink
and we’d all be feeling fine

Don’t know how it started
But now everything has changed
I wake up with the sun, nap around one
and I’ve got to be home by 9

Home by 9
That’s not just a line
I’ve gotta be Home by 9
I’ll have to take a pass,
‘cause I’ll run out of gas
If I’m not home by 9

Verse 2:
Bloody Mary Mornings
Black Coffee at night
There’d be too little sleep, not enough to eat
And I was the queen of wasting time

Now it’s fruit juice and fiber
But just one glass of wine
I still might go out,
I might even twist and shout
But I’ve got to be home by 9

Verse 3:
I’d drive all night in a snowstorm
To play a house party for free
Then I’d sleep on the floor, I’d never get sore
and have breakfast of whiskey and tea

Now I’ll leave parties early
Even on New Year’s Eve
Well, ain’t that a peach, but midnight’s out of my reach
Cause I’ve got to be home by 9