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Greyson County Texas is bordered by the Red River to the north, just a stone's throw from Oklahoma. Along the southern border of Greyson, among the tallgrass prairie and clay soil, is the small town of Howe. When Kristi was raised in Howe, there were more churches than stoplights, families gathered on the porch to watch tornados form and dissipate in the east, and country music was the social currency. Like it or not (and Kristi did), country music permeated the radio, the TV and the table-side jukeboxes in the town's only diner.  As much as Kristi would musically reach towards rock and roll music, her roots were firmly planted in the traditional country music of her North Texas home. 

Kristi's songwriting reflects the long highways, lonely drives, love of family and landing at home that she learned from both small-town living and traveling the west singing in barrooms, honky-tonks and bowling alleys. Along with her songwriting partner, Steve Branstetter, Kristi sticks to telling true (or mostly true) stories while letting inspiration, rather than genre, take the lead. Thus, Kristi's music touches on elements of Bob Wills' Texas Swing , Jerry Reed's truck driving rockabilly/county, and Lucinda William's blend of gritty country and blues.

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“Kristi Jean's badass Western swing pays homage to the feminist pioneers who paved the way. And charm? Kristi Jean and her band have tons of it.” - Rachel Cholst (Adobe & Teardrops)

“There is much to love here from a singer so honest with stories we can all smile with, through those wild roads, crazy fans, and all-round life-changing stories from a band who have seen it all. ” - Llewelyn Screen (A&R Factory)

“Texas native turned Central Pennsylvanian Kristi Jean and Her Ne'er Do-Wells transport yet another crowd back to the smoky, sweaty dance halls of the Lone Star State many moons ago. . . This is the kind of band that makes shy people dance, and quite possibly makes unabashed people do four or five backflips in a row. ” Serge Bielanko (the band Marah)

“A real sound wonder... moves you immediately into the past... ” — La Adventura Americana Radio