From the recording One More Time

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Written by : Steven Branstetter


Verse 1
There was a time
When what was yours and mine
Could fit inside or old beat up van
When all we’d need
was some birds and bees
And a few old friends for a rock and roll band

Verse 2
There was a time
When we got along fine
With one big room that we’d call our home
Wasn’t a thing
We couldn’t make it swing
As long as we didn’t have to go alone

Now we’ve got an acre of our own
It’s on a hill and it’s overgrown
It’s full of trees
that always make me sneeze
But we’re the king and queen of our green acre home

Verse 3
Now we have it made
6 a.m. serenade
By and old Blue Jay and a little brown bird
Can’t take a break
Not with this yard to rake
pullin’ weeds just to thin the herd


Dogs and cats all running through
Baby chicks and groundhogs too
Then 3 babies that look like me and you
You can bet your boots we’ve planted roots
We’ve buried seeds and keep fightin’ weeds
All on this acre of our own