The new album is here!

It's been a LOOONNGGGG time coming...(thanks global pandemic!). BUT, the new tunes are out now!  You can buy a digital copy at our BANDCAMP site, or on Apple Music, Spotify, or any major streaming service. 

Our true story of a thousand miles of mishaps...

Check out our new single...

Honky-Tonkabilly Swingin'

Social Media

We might still be a little socially distanced, but not social media distanced. Follow us on FB, Insta, Bandcamp, and other places. Just don't literally follow us around...that'd be weird (plus, we're boring and following us wouldn't be that interesting...). 

Ya'll come see us, ya' hear?

...or it could be "Ya'll come hear us, ya' see?"  Check out one of our real-life, in-person, rockin' shows!