Texas native turned Central Pennsylvanian Kristi Jean and Her Ne'er Do-Wells transport yet another crowd back to the smoky, sweaty dance halls of the Lone Star State many moons ago. Featuring a virtual who's-who of some of the very best pickers and singers in this neck of the woods, this is the kind of band that makes shy people dance, and quite possibly makes unabashed people do four or five backflips in a row. ”

— Serge Bielanko,

Kristi sings as if Patsy was reincarnated in her”

— Jim Allford

Kristi and the gang really hit the nail on the head for authenticity and style”

— Sophia Johnson, Ameripolitian Award Winner for Best Western Swing Female

Album of the Month”

— Kees de Haan, Crossroads Music

A real sound wonder...the album moves you immediately into the past... ”

— La Adventura Americana Radio

I love this album”

— Bruno Duquenoy, Pure Country FM

[Kristi Jean and her Ne'er-Do-Wells] would make the Stray Cats proud with their bebop...and you must hear the amazing guitar...Their CD is a real treat for everyone, young and old.”

— Steel Notes Magazine

About Kristi Jean and her Ne'er-Do-Wells

Band name: Kristi Jean and Her Ne'er-Do-Wells 

Brief Description: A jumpin' collision between 1950's steel guitar infused county and bass-slapping', guitar-twangin' early rockabilly beats. Driven by the feisty and authentic voice of Kristi Jean, the band relives the days of swingin' 50's honky-tonks, all with a their own twist.

Full Description: There was a collision of musical styles in the early 1950's: traditional country artists and their steel guitars ran headlong into a new jumpin' style of jazz and rhythm-and-blues with gritty guitars and cranked amplifiers. The result was the harbinger of rockabilly and early rock n' roll. The collision was a musical big-bang with a bright flash; but the flash was short-lived. Within a few years, the rockabilly and rock n' roll artists shunned their country roots. Kristi and Her Ne'er-Do-Wells re-introduces those twanging rockabilly guitars and slappin' doghouse basses with their steel guitar and country yodelin' roots. 

Genre: Country boogie/traditional country/early rockabilly. The band has labeled the style "Country-Billy" or "Honky-tonk-a-billy swing." 


Facebook: @kristijeanmusic 

Instagram: kristi_jean_music 

Twitter: @kristijeanmusic


Country-Billy Collision

Kristi Jean and Her Ne'er-Do-Wells

Kristi Jean and her Ne'er-Do-Wells "Country-Billy Collision" is a satisfying collision between 1950's steel guitar infused country and bass slappin', guitar-twangin' early rockabilly beats.

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