Kristi sings as if Patsy was reincarnated in her”

— Jim Allford

Album of the Month”

— Kees de Haan, Crossroads Music

Kristi and the gang really hit the nail on the head for authenticity and style”

— Sophia Johnson, Ameripolitian Award Winner for Best Western Swing Female

A real sound wonder...the album moves you immediately into the past... ”

— La Adventura Americana Radio

I love this album”

— Bruno Duquenoy, Pure Country FM

[Kristi Jean and her Ne'er-Do-Wells] would make the Stray Cats proud with their bebop...and you must hear the amazing guitar...Their CD is a real treat for everyone, young and old.”

— Steel Notes Magazine

About Kristi Jean and her Ne'er-Do-Wells

Band name: Kristi Jean and Her Ne'er-Do-Wells 

Brief Description: A jumpin' collision between 1950's steel guitar infused county and bass-slapping', guitar-twangin' early rockabilly beats. Driven by the feisty and authentic voice of Kristi Jean, the band relives the days of swingin' 50's honky-tonks, all with a their own twist.

Full Description: There was a collision of musical styles in the early 1950's: traditional country artists and their steel guitars ran headlong into a new jumpin' style of jazz and rhythm-and-blues with gritty guitars and cranked amplifiers. The result was the harbinger of rockabilly and early rock n' roll. The collision was a musical big-bang with a bright flash; but the flash was short-lived. Within a few years, the rockabilly and rock n' roll artists shunned their country roots. Kristi and Her Ne'er-Do-Wells re-introduces those twanging rockabilly guitars and slappin' doghouse basses with their steel guitar and country yodelin' roots. 

Genre: Country boogie/traditional country/early rockabilly. The band has labeled the style "Country-Billy" or "Honky-tonk-a-billy swing." 


Facebook: @kristijeanmusic 

Instagram: kristi_jean_music 

Twitter: @kristijeanmusic


Country-Billy Collision

Kristi Jean and Her Ne'er-Do-Wells

Kristi Jean and her Ne'er-Do-Wells "Country-Billy Collision" is a satisfying collision between 1950's steel guitar infused country and bass slappin', guitar-twangin' early rockabilly beats.

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