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"The music that Kristi Jean and her gang are playing is the same beautiful and mysterious amalgam that has been telling the American story for the better part of a century now. They play the kinds songs that helped- and still help- define a nation in the eyes of the rest of the world. And in our own eyes as well." - Bellefonte.com


 "Imagine a western-swing jukebox that pays you with trim and vivacious selections, all of which bounce agreeably along happy trails...Here 'tis. For those who ain't a-feared of fun."- Jukebox Jury


 "Album of the Month" - Kees de Haan, Crossroads Music


"I love this album!"  - Bruno Duquenoy, Pure Country FM


"An authentic delight for your ears" - La Adventura Americana Radio


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Centre PA Arts Fest with Kristi Jean and Her Ne'er-Do-Wells


Bellefonte Arts Festival with Kristi Jean and Her Ne'er-Do-Wells


Central PA Grange Fair w/ Kristi Jean and Her Ne'er-Do-Wells